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Love to know WHY you're here on this planet and what you need to do to enjoy it!  I'll tell you the secrets you need to hear to live your best life in harmony with your personality and souls calling.


This reading will be life changing & guaranteed to give you massive Ah-ha's & awareness about yourself and your life.  

What will  you tell me in my  SOUL BLUEPRINT reading?

1. I'll tell you what your SOUL PURPOSE is, so that you can create the life / business / career with confidence & clarity. When you know WHAT you're on this earth for navigating life becomes a lot easier.

2. You'll learn all about the unique CHALLENGES you're here to face and how you can overcome them.


3. I'll tell you what your ABUNDANCE CODE is and how to switch it on.

This is your unique money making imprint. Once you know your code, money and all things good are so easy to attract (and keep). 


4. I'll tell you what's stopping you from success. These are SPECIFIC AND UNIQUE BLOCKS & RESTRICTIONS that are holding you back & keeping you stuck. 


5. I'll tell you about your PAST LIVES and how they're affecting you.  You're carrying issues from years gone by. You're running patterns that are effecting you today. 

6. I'll also see which CHAKRAS are blocked and learn why they're affected.


7. I'll uncover the KARMIC DEBTS you've been carrying over many lifetimes.


8. I'll tune in to your SPIRIT GUIDES and reveal their insights.


PLUS much, much more. Everyones SOUL BLUEPRINT is different (just like you), You'll hear what you need to, to heal, grow and gain awareness. 

Is this the right reading for me? It is if you answer YES to any of these:

  • You want to make a difference, doing what you love, enjoying life.

  • You know you're here for a reason - but you don't exactly know what that is.

  • You want to be successful, but you have days of uncertainty or overwhelm.

  • You're sick of the negative mind chatter in your head.

  • You've tried other therapies but nothing seems to work.

  • You're ready to do what it takes to be happy, successful and love your life.


The information I pass on to you allows for self healing at the deepest levels. It will clear away the negative energy and thought forms that are making life and decisions confusing or hard for you. Understanding and replacing the old ways with positive new learnings is the key to experiencing happiness. 

"Today I had my Soul Blueprint reading with Ramona. Wow! What an awesome experience to have. It was really amazing. Prior to today I really didn’t know anything about Soul Blueprints and what they meant. I learnt so much about me. So much that makes sense. All the information that Ramona passed on to me was pretty much spot on.  Thank you so much Ramona for a truly beautiful reading. I am so grateful." V x


How do you do this reading?

I tune in to my intuition, get guidance from my own guides and yours, as well as accessing your unique blueprint from the Akashic Records, 


What are the Akashic Records?

It's an energetic database (similar to a library) that exists in the higher dimensions. It contains information about every soul that has ever incarnated on Earth.  

Anybody can access the records for themselves if they know how to. The more tuned in you are to the other dimensions the easier it will be for you to read them.  The information from this dimension brings exceptional clarity and loving wisdom, it's always positive, inspiring and it gives insight from a higher perspective. It's a very different experience to having a psychic reading.

When in the records, we can explore the soul’s journey through incarnations, understand the soul's gifts and talents and also its blockages and limitations and then heal the soul and bring it back to it's original state through a Soul Realignment®.

Can I order A SOUL BLUEPRINT for someone else?

Generally no. However there are circumstances that allow for it. Email me if you want one for someone else for a particular reason. 

Is there an age limit?

I prefer to only do readings for Adults over 21 years of age. 

Will I hear scary or bad stuff in this reading?

No, not at all. I work from my heart. All the information is to help you move forward. 

How often can I get a SOUL BLUEPRINT reading?

Your souls purpose and money attractors do not change. Sometimes if you go through a big change / life experience you may have new lessons to learn and need some more insights. It's up to you, but usually no more than once a year. 

What do I have to do for the reading?

Just send through your details (I'll send you a form once you have booked in), turn up for our zoom call and that's it. Just be open and honest during the session. 

How much is a SOUL BLUEPRINT Reading?

$350 (AUD) including gst. 

PLUS you'll get a FREE personal Numerology report! Normally $100. 

(for a limited time only) More info about Numerology charts here.



ONLY $250

"Ramona is a great spirit and I call her Angel as she is born for a great reason: To serve humankind. I was extremely fortunate to meet her. She gave me insight into my hidden potential and identified my inner strength. The events, values, and my inner personality matched so well with her reading! I wish her all the success and I am sure only lucky people find her. " Vijaya K

I'M READY! I want to book in for a SOUL BLUEPRINT Reading!

 I'm so excited for you!.... Here's how to make it happen. 

1. Click on the red "FILL IN THE SOUL BLUEPRINT FORM" button below to get started. 

2. Fill in the form.

3. Pay for your Soul Blueprint session - PAY HERE  (special offer $250 AUD)

4. I will email you with a selection of dates. (Usually booked in within a week)

5. We connect online for your SOUL BLUEPRINT reading. (60 mins)



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