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​"Ramona has been an absolute light in my life. She’s been coaching me for a few years now and in that time, she has empowered me to make the most life-changing decisions for myself and the life that I want to create. The transformation in my life is mind-blowing. She encapsulates all the great qualities that I need in a coach, with her being understanding, supportive, nurturing, and also direct, creative, and enlightening. Through it all, she has maintained the highest level of professionalism and integrity in who she is and the service that she provides. Her wealth of knowledge, life experiences, wisdom, and tools brings so much value to every one of our sessions. I feel very safe with her and can be myself at all times, she’s has a very calming energy about her that makes it so easy to connect with. I am forever grateful for her and would highly recommend her. Ramona is not just a Coach, I believe that it is her God given gift." Fiona


"I was feeling so overwhelmed with life and cloudy about where I was heading.  Now I feel more in control and my path that much clearer.  It's amazing!  Thank you so much Ramona!" Jude 

"Ramona is a great spirit and I call her Angel as she is born for a great reason: To serve humankind. I was extremely fortunate to meet her. She gave me insight into my hidden potential and identified my inner strength. The events, values, and my inner personality matched so well with her reading! I wish her all the success and I am sure only lucky people find her. " Vijaya K

"Thank you Ramona for sharing your time and wisdom with me!  You were spot on with your intuition.  I guess sometimes we just need to hear that confirmation from another person to make sure we are on the right track and that is exactly what you provided me with today. I've left our conversation feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world! Thank you!!! " Susan xx

"When you meet Ramona you can’t help but feel relaxed, like you have come home to a long lost friend, and she will listen to you intently and melt you with her warm smile as she passes on her wisdom. I have watched this amazing woman charm people over and over again with her raw enthusiasm, energy, integrity and authenticity.  If it comes from Ramona then it comes from her heart and will be filled with wisdom and insight. It’s simply a given that you will benefit from her words". Paul H

"In the time I’ve known Ramona, I’ve been lucky to witness the amazing transformation of individuals who have worked with Ramona.  She has a unique way of tapping into a person’s inner core and beauty, bringing out the essence of who they are and what they stand for. People sometimes don’t see their beauty or they wear a mask to cover what they see as imperfections, when in actual fact it’s those qualities that need to be revealed".  Debbie B.

This woman is an absolute Goddess. I had the honour of working with her briefly many years ago. Even then, she inspired me to be a better person, and we worked in completely different aspects of the company. I cannot recommend Ramona Lever enough. I admire women who are passionate and determined and strong, yet who are gentle and calm and focused. If you ever feel like you’re losing control and need a little bit of guidance then reach out to her. Love you Ramona, you’re one of the absolute best xx Adrienn. 

"OMGOSH this woman is amazing! Ramona's authentic soul shines through in her love for setting women free of their limitations. Grace, finesse and elegance are a few words that come to mind when I think of Ramona. You can put your full faith in Ramona." Marylin Schirmer. CEO and Founder of the Institute for Women International.

"As a person who is genuinely committed to self-development and spirituality, I have found myself seeking a life that is more fulfilled; Life that has pure meaning and positivity in abundance. Ramona came into my journey as an ideal time. Her compassionate non-judgemental and certain approach gave me the trust I needed to declutter my mind, determine my values, identify the true meaning of success to me, as well as awareness of thought patterns and strategies that have been detrimental. Most importantly Ramona guided me into dreaming building exercises.  She have given me the greatest gift I've ever received - the freedom to peacefully allow ever flowing opportunities to drive me and the belief that I am an limitless being and that I can do anything! " Kate D

"I have been blessed to have Ramona coach and counsel me over the last few months. I was at a stage in my life where everything was at a standstill​ and oh so overwhelming. I had just moved interstate, had my second child who wasn't well, I suffer from financial hangups, weight problems and depression. To put it plainly I was so lost and very unhappy. I was amazed by the growth I achieved each session with Ramona. I had no idea where to start or what we would talk about in each session. It was also mushed up in my head. Ramona helped me to chunk down what was going on in my life, set goals, banish some old limiting beliefs and begin to live again. My sessions with Ramona did more than I ever expected for my self-esteem and general health. I'm now losing weight, feeling more active, studying (and loving it ) and I have found some part-time work! Without Ramona my personal growth wouldn't have happened so quickly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ramona for helping me find me again XX" Judy A

"Ramona has such a beautiful energy and I feel privileged to have had a reading. The connections she made were very accurate, even down to the fine details.  Ramona connected with my father-in-law, my grade 2 teacher and a friend's daughter. She also had insight into things going on in my life at the moment. I was totally blown away!" Loretta. 

I left my reading with Ramona feeling absolutely wonderful and relieved! I was so thrilled to connect with my Mum, Dad and a very dear friend that I lost recently. It was indeed my european parents with loads of parental advice coming through! Ramona, through Mum picked up on things I had only just begun to think about and others I had been deliberating about for ages, Ramona was even blushing when my charismatic friend came through - he has that effect on women! There is no doubt this was all completely genuine - Ramona is the real deal - even a boy unknown to me who came through with my Dad has come through twice before in previous readings with others. I just cant wait to rebook! Ramona is absolutely delightful - her rapport with people is incredibly warm :)" Stella.

"I was blown away by Ramona's reading, firstly because I could see that visibly she too was very moved by the whole experience. It was very very genuine. And secondly because so much of what came through in the message felt so right and 'spot on'. Thank you Ramona so much. Would love to do it again some time soon." Val 


"WoW...what an amazing experience I had with Ramona. I was overcome with awe and emotion...she was so spot on with everything she told me. Will definitely be having another reading soon Thanks beautiful lady" T

"What came through during our session gave me goosebumps then tears! It was amazing and in a twist I completely did not expect turned my career direction on its head! Thank you Ramona!" Michelle.


"Thank you Ramona for my wonderful reading. Your grace, compassion and vulnerability are truly endearing. I felt very comfortable and connected to my loved one's that joined us. The reading gave me a lot of insight into what is holding me back and certainly a few things to think about for my future." With love Deb xx

"Ramona has beautiful energy and channeled some very insightful comments that was almost word for word confirmation for something I needed to hear.  I really enjoyed my session and will be putting into practice the advice I was given and open my mind to the possibilities that I may not see quite yet.  Thanks so much Ramona! Very grateful for your reading and insights." Kerry x

"I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of the information Ramona imparted, there was no doubt at all that she had connected with my Mum, she supplied information that no one else would have known. Thank you." J

"I had the pleasure of a reading with Ramona recently and recommend her highly. She held a beautiful space and relayed the messages she received gracefully, putting me right at ease. The content was bang on and offered me insights and counsel that held immediate benefit. Thank you!" Adona


Ramona has a beautiful, open, vulnerability that must make it easy for Spirit to send messages to her and they are delivered with grace." Michelle.


Thank you Ramona for my reading, Your connection was so clear and gave me a peace of mind confirming that my loved ones are around me. Thank you again for your messages from my loved ones. "  Hugs Leeanne


I was so excited to have my reading today, and I was not disappointed when I had it. Ramona told me many things she could not have known, and from the right people in Spirit. I got so much that I needed to continue the next phase of my journey. As a Medium/Clairvoyant of 30 years I am always very sceptical when I get a reading from new Mediums. I have met them all......Ramona is the REAL DEAL. It was a pleasure to hear her accuracy and compassion, I just know that as the older Mediums begin to hand over the baton to the new and up and coming Mediums, Ramona is an Authentic, accurate and compassionate representative of Spirit. Good luck Ramona...the pleasure is all mine to endorse you as such," Barbara - Medium/Clairvoyant

Tonight I got a reading from Ramona. I am amazed about the information I got! I did not have a specific question, I just wanted to know how I can bring my life back on track after being cured from cancer. So much about my situation at the moment and how I can go on. Wisdom from my ancestors brought to me how I can heal my life. And all to me in a clear and understanding way. Although I had to shed a tear or two, I felt safe to do so. Thank you so much, Ramona!" Marlene

"I met with Ramona a few months after my Mother had passed away. I wasn't sure what would happen but I was very suprised at how accurately she was able to describe my situation and communicate in a way that was very familiar to me. The experience was very comforting and has certainly helped me with the grief I have to face." Doris

"Ramona has a gentle knowing about her, and her insight into my deeper thoughts on my question was spot on - helping me to see clearly what was actually already deep inside me. Her approach was understated, yet she absolutely nailed the questions to help me drill down to the answer that was already in me...but needed her wisdom to bring to the surface". Jodie

Image by Zoltan Tasi
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