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TAROT reading


Tarot reading Hoppers Crossing


Ramona offers Private and confidential Tarot readings online in a zoom or phone session.

A Tarot reading is great for confirmation, direction, a heads up, or as a gentle reminder to change your behaviour especially if you're replaying old unhelpful habits. 


Tarot cards are an ancient powerful tool that brings awareness to the current situation around you for future transformation. They enable us to connect with our inner wisdom to reveal what's really happening below the surface of events and energy.

Should I be worried that you'll tell me something Bad?

I tune in to your current energy and tell you what I can based on what is aligned now. 

YOU are in charge of your life, the cards only tell you what you would likely bring into your field IF you continue to operate the way you currently are. 

I don't predict doom and gloom. I am here as a healer - to help you grow, expand and align with your soul. If something should come up that may seem like an unwanted change - It's to help you understand the situation so that you can take control and create the best outcome. 

Tarot cards are great to get insights that can help you to change your situation now, so that you can avoid the pitfalls in the future, or continue to do as you are if things are aligning! You are the master of your destiny. 

How much does it cost?

$77 (aud) for a one hour reading.

online or phone 



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