SOUL; The spirit and essence of a person.

GUIDE; To show the way.

People seek a Soul guidance session when they're...

*Lost, confused or directionless 

*In pain and want to heal

*Seeking guidance

*Looking for a Mentor

*Not sure what they need

*Are desperate for a change

I offer them: Clarity, Connection, Validation and Confirmation to move forward.

To reach inner fulfilment your SOUL knows what it wants.

When we're not aligned with that yearning, we develop a craving so deep that nothing can fill the void. 

We may feel disconnected, unsure of our purpose or ache in ways we can't explain. 

We know there's something we're missing... something we need to know, but just can't seem to access.

My gift is to connect YOU back to the whispers (or loud yelling!) of your Soul, to get the answers you want.

To remove the feelings of doubt, dread and the invisible heaviness you carry around, so you can move forward in life with grace, ease and certainty. 

I tune into your Souls energy to see past the physical, past the mental clutter. 

I connect with your guides, your loved ones on the other side and God.

I'm not religious.


I am Spiritual.


I am connected to the Universe.

"Ramona is the absolute goddess of all goddesses. She is so intuitive, approachable and asks all the right questions to get you moving yourself in the right direction. Her energy radiates positivity and motivation in a beautifully feminine way." Steph 




In this session I'll connect, communicate and tune in intuitively to pass on the insights and messages I receive from your Guides or loved ones that have passed over. 


My intention is to deliver the communication I receive with love and honesty. I believe you'll receive  whatever you need to hear right now.  


Will my loved ones come through?


Sometimes. To be honest, I have no control over who turns up. If your loved ones do decide to join us, they may show me their personality traits, clothing, locations, dates, names or anything they can use to confirm their presence.  If they were funny or serious here on earth - they will come through as the same personality in your reading too! 


And, I can't guarantee which relative, friend or acquaintance will come through, but there is always someone waiting to connect and bring through some messages for you. Our guides also deliver the perfect messages we need to hear. Whoever shows up - you'll get what you need to receive healing, growth, closure and answers. If they want you to know something - they'll pass the message on and I will tell you.


The more you open up and have faith and belief that messages will come through - the easier it is for them to get their messages across to me. If you're blocked to the idea or have some barriers up - the session may not go as easily as it could. Trust in the process and it will flow through. 


Before your reading it's important to spend some time quietly asking your loved ones and guides to come through. Ask them to connect with me and bring you messages. Messages you want and need to hear. 

"I loved my session with you today beautiful Ramona.

You were so spot on with everything you told me. Ahhhmazing...!!!" Trudi

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