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My Journey.  (The quick version.)

I've had many mystical and strange experiences colour my life.  I was the weird child that saw ghosts and scared all the other kids in the neighbourhood with my stories. My beautiful Mum was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 7, so I shut down my gifts (because they scared me!) and I tried to live a "normal" life.  And it almost worked, until....​  I had a spiritual awakening at 25. It came disguised as a stroke and left me blind for a week, but opened me up to see Auras and a house full of spirits. (I was blind but I could see!)   And then I had another Spiritual awakening 6 years later in 2001. (more info further down the page!).

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My Journey (The longer version)

Many years ago my body was sick, my mind was full of doubt and negative talk and I just couldn't get out of my own way. I was stuck in a cycle to fail, with low self esteem.  Everything was hard, I was working my butt off and getting no where.

  • I didn't know what my purpose was.

  • I didn't know how to attract (and keep) abundance.

  • I didn't know what blocks were stopping (or how to get rid of them).


I was all over the place, trying to wing it and failing miserably. 


I only knew I wanted to help others but, I didn't even know if I was on the right path.

Was I following my true souls desire, or was I just doing what I thought I needed to do?  

Plus, I had a lot of fear taking up space in my head and as much as I tried...

I couldn't change my mindset or stop the negative chatter.

So, I kept doing course after course (and many therapies) looking for "the thing" that would fix me.

I was looking for the answers externally.

I studied Psychology, Counselling, Human Behaviour, Holistic Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energetic Healing, Personal Development.  I travelled the world to learn from the experts in search of the answers. 

Even though I kept reading, hearing and being told that the answers were WITHIN ME. Not out there. 

ok, but, how did I access them? 

I began to meditate (A LOT), did energetic body work and I practised Mindfulness. I filled my mind with philosophical and spiritual knowledge. And then one day...


I had a second awakening -  I had an experience where I felt one with the world. Everything was connected and there was no time or space. I saw colours and sights that I can't describe in words. It was beyond beautiful. After this experience I received a download, a down pour of all the answers I'd been searching for came to me. It was pure bliss. I instantly felt sure of my direction and knew what I needed to do. I had a clear vision of what I needed to do. 


I began to tune in to other dimensions and levels of energy. Once I found out what my purpose was... what I was here for - my life took off in a way I couldn't even imagine! I then studied how to do this for others too - to access their blueprints as well. 

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