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Ramona Lever has been working in the healing industry for over 20 years.  She has a degree in Metaphysical Science, is the CEO of The Bliss Academy® and the creator of the Soul Blueprint Coach® and Soul Blueprint AlignmentTM Programs.

Her intuitive and professional experience is a powerful combination that will put you at ease instantly. She works with the purest intentions, with the highest guidance to heal and transform the shadows into light at the deepest level.


Ramona is direct and straightforward and doesn't waste time getting into the real stuff. But, don't worry, she is an empath, her heart is open and ready to support you during your journey of transformation and healing.

"Ramona has a heart of pure LOVE. Her honesty and genuine desire to help women shines through in her caring and positive nature. The world is blessed to have such a caring Earth Angel with a massive heart to create change. Never stop being you..... you are amazing. xxx " Leisa 

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as seen in Ramona Lever
Image by Zoltan Tasi

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