Hi I'm Ramona!

I'm a Counsellor and a Holistic Life Coach. If you like reading there's plenty of that below! If not... Let me sum myself up. 

I'm an intuitive empath. I want to heal the world and make a difference. I love to help those that want to help themselves. I use a huge combo of different techniques with my clients and believe in synchronicity and universal laws of attraction. If you're on this page... hang around... there's no such thing as co incidences! 


Now here's the long version.

My Journey...


Many years ago my body was sick, my mind was full of doubt and negative talk and I just couldn't get out of my own way. I was stuck in a cycle to fail, with low self esteem and I was stressed out!  Everything was hard, I was working hard and getting no where. I wasn't happy and didn't want to live like this anymore. 


In a moment of deep reflection, I realised it was  time for me to stop blaming my childhood and circumstances for my shitty life.  I didn't want to be a "victim" anymore. 


I wanted PEACE in my mind, HEALTH in my body and LOVE in my heart.


And I wanted to live my Souls purpose - whatever that was. But I didn't know HOW to do that. I had an empty place in my heart that I couldn't fill. My soul was calling me to do something... but I was overwhelmed and couldn't tune into my intuition to listen and find out what that was. 


I began by looking for the answers externally. I studied Psychology, Counselling, Human Behaviour, Holistic Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energetic Healing, Personal Development, Functional Nutrition and anything that could empower me to be a better version of myself. I filled my mind with meaning and was seeking understanding.


I travelled the world to learn from the experts in search of the answers.  And I found them. Lots of them. 


I came to learn what techniques worked and... what didn't. 

I meditated, did energetic body work. I began the path of healing my Mind, Body and Spirit. 

I began to see my purpose... what I was here for. And I've continued along that path for over 25 years now.

My career background...

I built and sold a successful headshot photography business in Melbourne, Australia. My clients were mainly solo entrepreneurs, rebranding or just starting out. I combined the headshot photography  with my coaching skills and I  worked with many of my clients to help them set up or tweak their small businesses.  From Personal branding, Marketing, Social media content, websites, to filming promo videos.

By default, I became a Personal Branding expert. I loved it so much I wrote a book and created an ecourse on the subject. I've ran workshops and was invited as a speaker for networking events, Womens groups and even ran a program fro year 9's at my old High School! 


Ramona Levers Book

I've also worked in Sales for some of the leading Coaching and Educational companies. My NLP skills helped me to understand my clients needs and match them up with a service that benefitted both parties. 


I was a Health and Wellbeing consultant in the Disability employment sector for several establishments and I've also had several roles as a trainer and educator in the personal development arena. 

I'm now the founder and CEO of The Bliss Academy, where we run Healing and Personal Development Retreats, workshops and online training.  

I also work in my  private practice in Point Cook, Victoria called Inner Bliss Wellbeing. I specialise in Relationship Counselling, General Counselling, Grief therapy, Holistic Healing, Life Coaching and Parenting. 

Yes,  I've had so many different roles.  I love variety. Because, I've grown so many successful businesses from the ground up,  I now love to Mentor and coach people to help them get to the next level in their own businesses. 

I can guarantee: When I work with a client - I work around whatever suits their needs & I deliver it intuitively. No cookie cutter 1,2,3 step program with me. I'll tailor it for YOU. 


My Spiritual background... (aka the awakening)

I had my first baby in 1994. She was perfect and I loved being a Mum. When she was 3 months old I got sick...  My vision went blurry and I couldn't do anything but sit and pass the time. It felt like vaseline was smeared over my eyes. I'm normally a busy bee so as  you can imagine... It was so hard for me to cope with this disability and very traumatic not having my sight - especially with a new bub that needed me. 


Then the weirdest thing happened... I started seeing.  Well, seeing things that I hadn't before.  I could sense more than just my small family in our apartment. I began to hear different sounds and see  colours (Auras) around everyone. Then I began to feel spirits around me. It was like the energy of the world had changed and it was more than a little freaky let me tell you! With normal vision gone - this was really uncomfortable.

As I began to heal I discovered that I had lost the sight in my left eye.  A freaky blood clot had formed on my optic nerve and it left permanent damage. (btw -I've since read many times that the left eye is connected to the third eye!) So I couldn't see as before, but -  I could see with this new psychic sense. 


Months passed, the weird stuff kept happening and I knew I had to take control... because It was scaring me. I didn't know how to turn it off. I was constantly being awoken in the night by 'visitors'. That (and my new baby) left me exhausted! So I began to seek out Psychics, Clairvoyants and Spiritual guru's. I needed to understand what was happening to me. They told me to meditate and to learn about the Spiritual realm more. I went to heaps of workshops and started to meet people that were experiencing similar things to me. I took my Teachers' advice and immersed myself in this new world that had become my life. I was taught how to read the Tarot cards, Astrology and Numerology. I read books about Spirit guides, Angels, Crystals and the afterlife. I was still a little scared, but I was also excited and I was curiously lapping it all up. 


Growing up I always thought I was different to the other kids. I was very empathic and could not stand to see anyone or anything being hurt. I could physically feel their pain in my body. I also knew energetically when someone was a good person and whom I could trust. I felt guided and protected by the universe and considered myself to be very lucky. I now believe the protection and guidance was given to me by my Guides and of course God. 


After many years of practice I knew it was time to start working with clients. I became a Reiki Master, began to read Tarot cards and give energy healings. I could pick up things that my clients needed help with and I seemed to know the right words to say.  I just knew things that made sense to them. I loved helping them move forward in their life. All my life I knew that I wanted to help people and this seemed to be a way to do it. 

I have been blessed to have been mentored by many professional Mediums, Psychics and Holistic Gurus including Lisa Williams, Michael Wheeler, Nicole McHenry & Lillian Suarez and Greg Riley. They've helped me to understand all these amazing gifts I've been given.  I'm able to offer healing to people that can't seem to find it any other way.  I find so much joy in communicating with Spirit / Guides and passing on their un-said messages and wise words in my sessions. I use my intuition and guidance from the other side when I work with all my clients to help them heal and live a more fulfilling life. 



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