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Numerology is the universal language of numbers.

Every one of us is born with a set of numbers that are completely unique to us.   They make up combinations that will unlock the door to the depths of our personality to give us insight to ourselves. 


YOUR personal report will reveal:

  • The way you interact with others

  • Lessons you have not learnt as yet

  • The many opportunities you'll be given

  • The challenges you'll face at certain specific periods of your life.

  • Daily breakdown for 6 months

Numerology is made up of 5 core numbers.


  • Life Path

  • Expression

  • Personality

  • Heart's Desire

  • Birth Day


Your Life Path number

This is the most important number in your Numerology chart. It acts as a blueprint outlining how your life will play out. It plots your life's lessons and determines how you will handle them.  Opportunities and challenges you come up against during your life are heavily influenced by the Life Path number.  We work this out by your full birth date. It encaptures your entire being and will never change so it is very special indeed.  


Your Expression number

or Destiny number is all about your natural strengths and weaknesses given to you at your time of birth. It aims for your goal in life and this number is the foundation on which your Life Path can flourish. It is based off of the numbers that correspond to the letters in your full name, and it reveals the talents and abilities instilled in you at birth.


Your Personality number

Your Personality number is the first impression people get of you. It represents the parts of yourself that you are most ready and willing to reveal, and helps you determine just how much you reveal, and to whom. This number acts as a buffer, screening out some people and situations you don't want to deal with while welcoming the things in life that relate to your inner nature.

Your Personality number is derived from only the consonants in your name.


Your Heart's Desire number

What are the reasons behind your actions? What do you really want in life and love? This is where your Heart's Desire comes in to play, and it signifies the reasons behind the choices you make in all aspects of your life, from your career to your relationships. 

Your Heart's Desire number comes from just the vowels in your name.

Your Birth Day number

Your Birth Day number is just that; the day on which you were born, and it reveals a certain talent that will eventually find its place on your Life Path.​ While it's the most insignificant of the core numbers, the Birth Day number puts a timestamp on the person you are today according to one single aspect that will ultimately impact your life in a big way.  Just as you were destined to be born on this specific day, you have been given a certain special gift as a result. I will work out what that gift is. 

Pinnacle cycles

These long-term cycles of Numerology are unique to you, based on your personal birth date, and each span many years of your life. These will show the type of lifestyle, challenges and opportunities you'll experience during each phase throughout your life.

How much is a Numerology report?

$100 (AUD) including gst.  


*Your chart will be sent as a PDF to your inbox within 7 days of order. (Usually sooner).


 Although specific to you and your personal name and dates, the outcome is a method of predication and may contain some slight inaccuracies - as do all forecasting methods. I hold no personal responsibility for report accuracy or future outcomes and decisions related to this report. 

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